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Addressing the data gap for the online private market

Online investing in startups and growth stage companies has never been bigger. It’s time for an all-in-one data solution.

Every investor deserves tools of this caliber

Our platform delivers data-driven ratings, market level analysis, and more, designed for everyone from individuals to investment firms.

A wizard with numbers

KingsCrowd’s proprietary ratings system, Merlin, harnesses machine learning to evaluate companies on five key metrics.

Solid market coverage

KingsCrowd tracks data on thousands of companies crowdfunding under Reg CF, on 50+ platforms.
raised to date from
active investors
experienced 20X YoY revenue
growth in 2020
retail investors and thousands
of paying customers


The name to know
in a $30B market

KingsCrowd has 350k subscribers and growing—in a market that is devoid of data and research solutions.

A pristine
market space

Household names like Bloomberg and Morningstar meet the data needs of stock traders. KingsCrowd has the first-mover advantage in addressing the online private market.

revenue stream

By scaling its user base of individual subscribers, KingsCrowd increased revenue an estimated 20X in 2020. Now, we’ve begun to pursue institutional clients as well.

Supported by the crowdfunding community

We’ve received $2M+ in investments from over 2,100 individual backers.

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Expanding our product portfolio

KingsCrowd aims to be the global data conglomerate for the online private markets. Near term notable product developments include adding more equities, adding credit and real estate ratings, and creating some of the first index products for the market.

Investing in talent

KingsCrowd is growing our investment research and technical team. We’re committed to staying on the cutting edge of private market investment research and data science.

Leveraging institutional partnerships

KingsCrowd’s avenues of growth include direct sales to financial institutions, as well as connecting with clients of investment firms via KingsCrowd API access.


Innovation and collaboration

We’ve built KingsCrowd by connecting visionaries like the founder of Napster with the expertise of financiers, VCs and technologists. We’re honored to have the support of 2,100+ investors who believe in our team.

Chris Lustrino

Founder & CEO
Consultant, L.E.K. Consulting | Finance Operations Director, Freebird | Founder, Simple.Innovative.Change

Sean O’Reilly

Founder & Principal, Wilson Blvd Content | Analyst & Editor, The Motley Fool

Howard Schneider

Co-Founder, Crowditz |
Co-Founder & CTO, Generate Inc. | CTO, Dow Jones

Ahmad Takatkah

SVP of Investment Research
N2V | Leap Ventures
| ArzanVC | Kaufmann fellow

Jim Bordewick

Chief Legal Officer
CLO, MFS Investment
Management | General counsel,
Bank of America | Ropes & Gray

Vin Narayanan

VP Strategy
Producer, USA Today | Editor In Chief, Casino City

John Fanning

Advisor & Chairman
Founder, Napster & NetCapital

Barry Kurland

VC / Fintech C-Suite

Andrea Walne

Partner, Manhattan Venture Partners

Mike Even

Former CIO, Citi

Patrik Hellstrand

VC-backed CEO

Ted Parker

SVP of Sales Growth

Andrew Gordon

Managing Director

Zee Zhong

Director of Investments

Steve Callan

SVP of Technology

Aryelle Young

Head of Content Production

Brian Belley

VP of Product

Krishnan Nattar

Full Stack Developer

Olivia Strobl

Senior Associate

Allison Brickell

Senior Editor

Francis Vu


Carolyn Price

Investment Analyst

Inez Sanjaya

Investment Analyst

Yasmin Sharbaf

Investment Analyst

The go-to solution for online investment data

We’re focused on growing our client base while maintaining the highest quality standards for our platform. In doing so, we intend to make KingsCrowd the indispensable tool for investing in online private markets.

About Republic

Essential tools
for every investor

Just as Republic sets the standard for online private investing platforms, KingsCrowd does the same for data, research, and portfolio management.
From startups to growth-stage companies, from video games to real estate, we provide the tools you need to make and manage your investments.

Republic is proud to host the KingsCrowd investment opportunity


Get in on the ground floor of exciting new ventures

Invest with your values

Thousands of opportunities a year, with something for everyone

Sharpen your skills

Access a stream of expert content and investor education


Invest smart and keep your finger on the pulse of your preferred markets


Reach industries that are traditionally crowded and competitive


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